Our property developers buy land, divide it into smaller blocks, and offer it to investors. To maximize returns, however, we invest in the ever-expanding metro area

Land banking is the practice of purchasing parcels of land for future sale or development. To maximize returns, however, the land must be close to an ever-expanding metro area, it must be along the part of development or in areas of natural beauty or industrial interest. A typical land banker is smart and understands that only real estate delivers the best returns with the least effort and almost negligible risk.

Purchased land is banked until there is a substantial increase in value because the land value increases as the result of demand, rezoning, population growth, or municipal expansion.

Our years of experience in the trade help us to check for key land banking indicators. These indicators among other metrics are what we rely on to ensure that our clients enjoy the return on investments (ROI) either on their short-term or long-term investments in landed properties.

Land banking key indicators:

  1. Level, usable land.
  2. Easy to reach by car, rail, and air.
  3. Utilities in place for huge growth.
  4. Close to an ever-expanding metro area like Abuja, Lagos, or Port-Harcourt.
  5. Current industries growing, more planned.
  6. Existing commercial and residential development.
  7. Studies projecting healthy population growth.
  8. The master plan for streets, roads, sewer, electric, and gas