Facility Mgt

With a sophisticated Computerized Facilities Management Systems (CFMS), We provide our clients with the convenience of integrated management service, streamlining operations through a single point of contact.

Akuland Facility Management provides an integrated facilities management service to our clients that benefit from maximized efficiencies and cost-effective delivery with a single point of contact.
Our integrated service provides convenience and ease to clients with regards to invoices, delivery models, and all services managed through one supplier. An integrated service offering allows us to streamline operational delivery, reduce back office, and cut costs for the benefit of the client.

Our commitment to excellence allows us great control over the quality of service delivery, flexibility, and the ability to maximize efficiencies to reduce costs. We deliver all our technical, soft, and business support Facility Management services through one of the most sophisticated Computerized Facilities Management Systems (CFMS). This means no added financial burdens through networks of sub-contractors, or margin on margin overheads.

Our journey with our clients is one of constant improvement that is focused on service delivery excellence and innovation that can deliver intelligent savings for our customers. Listed below are some of the services our Facilities Management Division offers:

  • Technical services (Building structure interior and exterior)
  • Streamlined operational delivery
  • Business support services
  • Soft services