AKULAND - Building a legacy

Akuland is a West African conglomerate company. We are helping to build the future of Africa of our dream. Our philosophy of entrepreneurship, incentivization, decentralized management, and communication is key to our extraordinary performance; delivering strong and consistent shareholder returns.
Our success hinges on our versatility and agility to respond to dynamic market conditions.

Akuland is developing long-term investment initiatives and solutions to help build the future of Africa of our dream. Through trading and investment, all of our divisions are creating quality business opportunities by constantly acquiring new capabilities, and expanding into new business areas. While appropriately determining opportunities and needs, and putting its world-wide network to practical use, we aim to demonstrate comprehensive strengths across the Group to achieve company growth and create a sustainable society. We actively seek partners who align with our investment philosophy and help to achieve our strategic priorities.


Our business outlook is centered on Africa’s development through long term investments

A tradition of quality since 2012.

At Akuland, we’ve brought together a team of entrepreneurs that thinks about doing business in Africa in a different way; with heightened creativity, developing powerful products and platform.


Over the last decade Akuland has witnessed significant growth through strategic regional acquisitions and partnerships, development of greenfield and brownfield projects and investments, capturing new markets and tapping new resources. By investing in latest technology to drive forward and backward integration and leveraging synergies between its various businesses, the group continues to expand its footprint in Africa.
As a group, our subsidiaries strive to bring the power of the free-market into its businesses to maximize productivity and adaptability. We focus on the West African market but we also consider international opportunities and partners with great repute.


Corporate Governance

Cooperate Governance

In today’s dynamic business environment, the composition of our board remains a priority. We have a high performing board that draws on the diversity of its members’ expertise and experience to create Africa’s most performing company.
They are professionals who are responsible and accountable to shareholders for the company’s directions and management; structures, key policies, plans and procedures that enable the company to achieve its strategic vision and objectives.

Our management team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from diverse different backgrounds, businesses, and interests from around the globe. They are leading leaders who identify, control and monitor risks and manage the complex daily operational, and logistical challenges of the business to ensure that our goals are meet and surpassed.

At Akuland, we believe that sound adherence and compliance to the rules, guidelines of the industry and keeping to our plans and strategies are of fundamental importance in creating shareholder value and positioning our company for long-term growth.

Guiding Principles

We obey the law

Adhering to the laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions where we operate is at the core of our reputation. It is the foundation, chief of our guiding principles as a successful global organization.

We conduct our business with integrity

We take pride in conducting our business based only on the rules. All our activities are carried out in fairness and based on sound ethics.

We keep accurate and honest records

Accurate and honest records are critical to making sound business decisions and maintaining the integrity of our financial reporting. Our business information, in whatever form, must reflect the true nature of our transactions.

We honor our business obligations

Our business relationships are founded on mutual trust and have been one of the driving factors responsible for our tremendous success. We build and maintain the trust and confidence of our customers and other business partners and ensure that we have no conflict of interests before entering into any contract.

We treat people with dignity and respect

We treat people with dignity, fairness, and respect. We recognize the inherent rights of all persons that we come in contact with and we treat them accordingly – with special attention as we loved to be treated.

We protect the information, and data in our care

We keep safe and never share or reveal information, data of our staff, clients, partners, affiliates that have been passed on to us in the process of business. We understand that information is very sensitive and confidential we have made significant investments in technologies and solutions that safeguard these data.

We are committed to being a responsible global citizen

The breadth of our operations places a moral responsibility to become a responsible global organization. This is not a responsibility that is difficult for us to be committed to as our principles and vision were originally articulated to uphold and ensure that the way we do business is doesn’t create more problems for the world than we seek to solve.



    To be the most valuable, innovative, and enduring global business group, enabling shared value and prosperity for all our stakeholders


    Anchored on our core values, Akuland fulfills its mission to ensure long-term profitability and value creation by creating synergies that builds mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share its philosophies and values.

Our Culture

Our culture guides employees on how to apply Akuland General Business Principles in line with our core values.
Haven strived to remain agile and flexible from a staffing perspective, we ensure corporate dynamism and resilience. We have built flexibility into our Human resource system so we can place staff in the right place at the right time, to capitalize upon opportunities.
 Akuland is committed to keeping its workforce engaged and motivated to be part of the group. Mutual respect based on loyalty is the key to underpinning our success. We want our people to see their work with Akuland not just as a job but an opportunity to make an impact and take ownership

Core Values

We maintain high standards of performance and ethics, driven by our core values. Our reputation hinges on our actions, and we’re dedicated to embodying these values. Our Business Principles, reflecting our DNA, prioritize trust, openness, teamwork, and professionalism across all operations.
    We do the right thing in every decision we make
    Striving for high performance, quality, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.
    We bring out the best in each other as leaders at all levels.
    Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that values different backgrounds and perspectives.
    We embrace technological advancements and a commitment to sustainable business practices.

Our people

Our people are our business: the company’s value derives ultimately from them. It is on their expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development and growth of our business.
Talent is precious to us and we create an environment in which individuals can reach their full potential, unfettered by hierarchy.

Akuland has a flat, meritocratic organisational structure, which we believe encourages an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, with everyone primarily focused on delivering results, and delivering them efficiently and safely.

In Akuland our employees are:

  • Driven and passionate
  • Innovative
  • Credible
  • Tolerant