We understand the mining industry from the technical side and from the business / financial perspective. Akuland’s Mining Division’s core business, for over a decade, is the technical, operational, and financial assessment of reserves and mines. Also, we are an exclusive distributor to various leading suppliers; we have accumulated a vast client network over decades of experience in the resources industry.

Our network spans across different commodities suppliers that cover the entire African market including parts of the Middle East and Europe. Our partnership with other global commodities trading companies gives us the advantage of not just understanding the dynamics of the market but it maneuvering the through dynamic industry challenges and still meets the demands of our clients.

Akuland’s Mining Division has performed scores of mining assignments, domestically and internationally. Our mining consultancy background also serves as the basis for all of our advisory services, and is well-suited for client situations – in coal, proppant / frac sand, industrial minerals, and metals / non-metals.