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We believe in the future, a future that comes with the power of opportunities

Akuland Group is a West African conglomerate company. We are helping to build the future of Africa of our dream. Our philosophy of entrepreneurship, incentivization, decentralized management, and communication is key to our extraordinary performance; delivering strong and consistent shareholders returns.
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With sound knowledge, expertise, good people, and collaboration. We make the impossible possible!


We have pursued a clear objective since our foundation: to build a leading business group in engineering development and the supply of facilities of the highest quality.

Our priority is to meet the needs of our customers, offering them all the technical and human resources necessary every step of the way.
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We are involved in the trade and investment of liquid chemicals (mainly methanol), petrochemical products such as plastics, and inorganic chemicals, and industrial minerals.
AKULAND has a presence in the hydrocarbon value chain, from exploration & production to refining and retail. The Company plays a key role in the Nigerian economy, supplying about 5 percent of the country’s road transport fuels, especially in the NorthWestern region. It is also a leading supplier of aviation fuel to major private airlines operating out within the country. We have a rapidly growing retail footprint with plans to open more retail outlets.

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We operate businesses that provide reliable and safe food, and we are expanding our agribusiness, feed business, foodstuffs business, among others.
■ MaMa Naija Rice
Akuland Farms Ltd started as an Oil Palm Plantation Management and processing business but has now diversified into Rice farming, processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of West African Rice. “Mama Naija Rice” is the trademark for Akuland Farms Limited rice business.

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Akuland luxury homesREAL ESTATE

We operate real estate and property businesses that deliver a wide range of cost-effective, affordable, and high-end state-of-the-art property across West Africa and the rest of the world.



■ Asset and Property Management

Irrespective of its size and cost, we ensure our client’s assets are taken care of and also provide excellent advisory services to clients to help them best appraise the performance of these assets. With excellent strategy and framework, we can improve asset performance along with all areas of asset management.

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We understand the mining industry from the technical side and from the business / financial perspective.

Akuland’s Mining Division’s core business, for over a decade, is the technical, operational, and financial assessment of reserves and mines. Also, we are an exclusive distributor to various leading suppliers; we have accumulated a vast client network over decades of experience in the resources industry.
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Our Maritime Division provides Maritime Security and Support Services (Vessel Lessing), Offshore Construction, Fabrication and Installation Services, and Dredging Services to the Marine, Oil, and Gas Industry.

Its fleet comprises of Fast Intervention Security Vessels (FISVs), Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) with DP1&2 capabilities, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSVs), Offshore Construction Vessels and Barges and Dredgers.
We provide various types of Marine Fleets used in the oil and gas sector such as:

  1. Anchor Handling Tug Support Vessels
  2. Tugs
  3. Diving Support Vessels
  4. Survey Vessels
  5. Work Barges
  6. Pipe Laying Barges
  7. Shallow Draft Vessels
  8. Fast Support Invention Vessels
  9. Platform Supply Vessels ( DP1 & DP2)
  10. Crude oil tank Vessels

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Whether commercial, residential or utility-scale solar solutions, customers choose us because we deliver the best possible value.

Our modules and system solutions combine superior quality with market-leading cost structures. And our solar projects consistently achieve the highest production values and returns on investment.

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Our unique ownership model enables us to take a long-term outlook and incentivises us to take a very measured approach to risk.
This market-leading position is underpinned by our financial and technical expertise and a long-held reputation for reliability and quality.
We know the importance of good reputation. We have attracted and retained over 90% of our clients just by ensuring a strong positive reputations and by providing more value.
We appreciate the power of diverse perspectives. We share information and strive to create an environment that welcomes and values everyone.