Chukwuemeka Ogah serves as the Chairman of Akuland Group, overseeing all operating companies within the Akuland brand, spanning the energy, chemicals, Agriculture, healthcare, commodities, Real estate, infrastructure, and trading services industries.

In the last decade, Ogah has held several leadership positions across Akuland’s various operating companies.

Ogah having recognized the vocal proponent of the corporate social world has championed several corporate social responsibility and value creation programs geared towards the sustainable development of the company. He always shared Akuland’s commitment to providing a measurable impact for all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and governments. Chukwuemeka Ogah emphasizes why Akuland’s Social Value must be considered sacrosanct as part of the group’s core business model across her operating companies.

Each operating company within Akuland Group pursues the Group’s mandate in an autonomous and accountable management system under the board of directors, while still working in partnership to encourage long-term development. As Akuland grows, we can achieve more together. Our drive for better services continually pushes us to go beyond limits to keep our promises, exceed expectations, and maximize our collective well-being.

The Chairman, Ogah has received numerous notable distinctions throughout his career, including ‘UNationsNation Peace Ambassador’ (2013) and many other acknowledgements.

Ogah holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Abia State University, as well as a Master’s degree in Management InformSystemsSystem (Coventry University) and an MBA from Bradford University School of Management both in the United Kingdom.